ThermalMAX Heat Pack

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Product Features & Benefits

Reusable heat pack stays hot for over two hours when used as directed, providing effective comfort and relief from pain.

Comes with wearable wrap and strap for convenient use while you take on your everyday activities

ThermalMAX is a reusable heat pack and wrap. Can we washed and reused as needed for years and years of relief

All instructions and product usage guidelines are bilingual in English & Spanish

Non-Toxic and Latex Free

Made in USA

ThermalMAX long lasting heat packs last up to 2 hours for maximum pain relief. ThermalMAX is washable so it can be reused for years. The 2-hour heat pack includes a wearable hot-pack wrap and strap that easily molds to many areas including hard-to-hold areas like back, knees, and elbows. Bring the conveniently sized long lasting hot pack anywhere for fast acting relief. It’s perfect to use after a long run or a hard-played game of your favorite sport.

There’s nothing better than soothing heat for aches and pains - that’s why Life Wear Technologies has created ThermalMAX’s gel heat technology that penetrates deeper than the competition. Melt away the aches, pains, and stiffness with ThermalMAX long lasting heat packs today!

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