ICE GEL- Alpine Frost Sensation 100ml

100ml Airless.

Special cold gel - immediate relief.

Promotes muscle regeneration by activating circulation and drainage. Provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and light legs, reduces the feeling of fatigue. .

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Ivy - vasoconstrictive, astringent, anti-cellulite, antimicrobial (antifungal), healing, sedative and soothing functions.

Horse chestnut - Promotes the increase in venous tone, contributing to the narrowing of dilated and tortuous varices. It improves microcirculation, as well as having anti-haemorrhagic properties, and has restorative properties in edema and hematomas of traumatic origin.

Butcher's broom - diuretic and anti-edema, vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory and vessel protective properties.

Gotu Kola - soothing and healing properties is also used to restore the skin's hydrolipidic film, relieving irritation and redness. At the same time, it stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin more toned and compact.

Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and a high refreshing power when applied to the skin

Camphor - used for the treatment of inflammatory problems. Applied on the skin it is able to draw blood; this rubefacient action is useful in the treatment of neuralgia, inflammation, sprains, rheumatism, cramps and muscle pains.

Peppermint - causes an initial vasoconstriction followed subsequently by a vasodilation, in this way there is a local anesthetic action.

Cajeput- Soothes in case of skin diseases, wounds, dermatosis, inflammation, helps to calm redness and irritation.

Wintergreen- It has analgesic properties and induces relaxation. It is absorbed by the skin and induces an anesthetizing effect.

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